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  • - The three large Duchies off Gwynedd, Mooryn, Cassan and Kheldour were actually separate principalities after the Bynthantian empire. The early Haldanes began accuring land as they accuried strength. The three duchies had Principalities rulling them and at different times each added its lands to Gwynedd. That is why they are duchies that are not rulled by the Haldane family. The earldoms were the
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  • Eris: <Laurna> nobility that took care of the lands under each of the duchies.
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  • Eris: <Laurna> Pelagog, has its own special rules, It is ruled by a count who looks only to Claiborne. in the old Kheldish laws. this count does not have sway on the kings council and does not take orders directly from the king. Only from the duke of Claiborne. this is in the codex
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  • Eris: <Laurna> Meara and Cassan at one time were single principality. The Princes were the Quinnels by family name. Read the codex and learn its history. The family had a break up over an heir who was too young and an uncle who wanted to rule. but the mother of the heir held out and the family ended up at war. eventually the family split the lands in half, forming Meara and Cassan. There had been a rulling in the treatty that if one side
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  • Eris: <Laurna> failed to produce a male heir then the other side with take over and both provences would become one again. And when Meara no longer had a male hier, cassan tried to take over and there were wars. and then a few generations later Cassan no longer had a male heir and there were more wars. and then finially through the femal line. Cassan joined with Cinhil Haldane to become a duchy of Gywnedd and to protect themselves from Meara.
  • [12:46 PM]
  • Eris: <Laurna> Meara become a provence of Gywnedd 150 years later when a haldane Married the eldest twin girl Roisaian. and thus the rebells of Meara still think they should be seperate.