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Maidens of Mayhem

Deryni Fanfiction written by Evie Delacourt

32 chapters
83,773 words
Published to RhemuthCastle: June-July 2010
Published to Aug 17 2012
Updated to Sep 15 2012
Rated T (suitable for teens)
Takes place between Nov 1125 and April 1126.,474.0.html

Author's description

Three young maidens arrive at King Kelson's court at Rhemuth to begin their duties as ladies-in-waiting to a noblewoman in residence there, and secretly to begin their Deryni training as well. The story takes place in the autumn through spring immediately following the events in The Quest For Saint Camber.

Plot Summary


Contessa Constanza d'Alcara di Fianna surprises her cousin Duchess Richenda de Morgan with a visit to Rhemuth. She tells Richenda that she has taken Ailidh nic Ardry and Sophronia de Varnay into her service, two young Deryni women of age 17. They discuss Constanza's widowhood and love life, and Constanza mentions an interest in Duke Alaric's aid, Sean Lord Derry, although not for marriage, since Constanza seems unlikely to bear any children.

The conversation turns to Alaric and his half-Deryni bloodline. They're interrupted by Celeste (“Celsie”) de Chervignon, Alaric's Deryni ward, who speaks with them about the children. After Celsie leaves, the two women plan to introduce the girls and train them together.

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